Harmonizing Scales on Guitar

Dan Anderson Harmonizing the C Major Scale Audio Explanation: https://www.spreaker.com/episode/53338277 3rds, 6ths, 10ths, 13ths, played horizontally on each string set. YouTube Playlist. After practicing these on the fretboard, practice them mentally away from the guitar. 7th chord arpeggios to the ii V I progression, played in each position; two octaves. Triad inversions, to the  IV … Continue reading Harmonizing Scales on Guitar

Micah Philip Anderson. Various links in honor of my precious son.

“Praise be to the Highest!!!” Micah  Obituary on MLive.com Micah Anderson Obituary (1994 - 2022) - Grand Rapids, MI - Grand Rapids Press (mlive.com)  Testimonies from Micah’s Mother, Father, and Grandfather https://birgittaville.com/2022/07/02/in-memory-of-my-son-micah-philip-anderson/  Micah’s funeral, conducted by his brother, Fr. Nathanael https://www.spreaker.com/user/9149791/220706-1001  Other podcasts about Micah (from June 30 - July 26 of 2022)  https://www.spreaker.com/show/birgittaville  Flickr … Continue reading Micah Philip Anderson. Various links in honor of my precious son.

My “Introduction to Business” Assignment Instructions

Likely, only college instructors might be interested in wading through my assignment instructions. Business, Philosophy, Ethics, and Humanities prophessors, especially non-Progressive ones, will feel emboldened to provoke rational thinking from students, even in the Woke and illiberal atmosphere of today's campus. Assignment Instructions (weekly posts, debate project, peer-editing, group topical presentations) Discussion Board Posts/Replies Required … Continue reading My “Introduction to Business” Assignment Instructions

Employees Countering Daily Employer Propaganda

Given the daily Cultural Marxist propaganda big business is pedling on their employees through their Diversity-Equity-Inclusion agents, with made-up words and holidays and ideology, a blog is needed to counter their Orwellian, monolythic, inequitable, exclusive indoctrination. These intolerant group-think madhouses, that have lost site of their business missions regarding products and services, must be intellectually … Continue reading Employees Countering Daily Employer Propaganda

Possible Survival Plans for Conservatives, Given Recent Mandates

One can't know the future, but having two exit strategies is common tactical procedure. The general Woke drift of our society could change for good, away from mass hysteria, even quickly and dramatically; but one is prudent in weighing possible options to future events likely to transpire. One needs God's mind and peace, relying on … Continue reading Possible Survival Plans for Conservatives, Given Recent Mandates