The Christian Question

As compassionate progressives, I suggest we help nudge those struggling to keep pace with the laudable social strides initiated by President Obama and the Democratic party. While we celebrate gay marriage, open gendered shower rooms, and helping children transition to the gender of their choice, we should give pause before driving out more conservative Christians from their employment (through our laws and professional organization codes), empathizing with their backward moral and theological commitments which are grounded in their ancient and antiquated religion. Please don’t think I’m advocating rolling back the LGBTQ clock; rather, I’m simply suggesting we place ourselves in the shoes of one reared on a traditionalist understanding of sexuality and personal identity–even as bigoted and irrational as such views are. Here’s my compassionate and fair-minded suggestion to the Christian Question: offer such employees sensitivity and diversity courses, fostering an honest conversation about LGBTQ issues. This should help bring many of them to sound reason and open-mindedness. For those persistent in religious hate, we’ll offer a one-year grace period to consider an ultimatum: either renounce your religion, at least publicly declaring your defiance to your church’s relevant religious dogmas, or you will be terminated from your position. This, I believe, is both gracious and unyielding in the defense of the marginalized and oppressed. This, especially in light of the many congregations, both Protestant and Catholic that are in step with our position, which repentant Christians would be free to attend. Regarding Muslims, no such offer is necessary, being followers of a peaceful religion.

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