“Racists!” and Starbucks’ “Unconscious Bias” Training Camp

Audio Reading

Racism is real and diabolical.  It’s most clearly displayed in the Holocaust and in institutional slavery. Repeatedly misusing a term demeans it. If practically all Caucasians are racists, whether or not they’re even aware of it, the charge is devoid of substantive meaning, vacuous.

Justice demands we treat like cases alike–no favoritism for anyone, with the presumption of innocence. Rushing to judgement and mob rule is unjust. Assuming guilt is unjust.
Anyone placed above criticism is harmed. For the good of all, everyone’s opinions and lifestyles must be open to fair-minded scrutiny. Recklessly and maliciously leveling serious accusations, with no threat of being called out on slander, only emboldens the uncivil person in his unrestrained impulses and emotions. Are we discussing a child? No matter; discipline that child, lest s/he become spoiled. Are we discussing an emotionally disturbed person? Perhaps other medication should be tried. Are we discussing one who’s of the age of reason, in possession of one’s faculties, whom you respect as a fellow citizen, no less in God’s image than yourself? Challenge the bully with reason; you’ll be doing her, and the victims of vitriol, a favor. Everyone needs to learn to think before speaking or acting. Behaving with impunity, with everyone either cheering you on or keeping quiet, invites foolishness and self-destruction.
Having good intentions in attempting to help others sometimes harms them. Thinking water would extinguish the fire, he poured it over the burning grease! Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society, however good the intention, served mainly to destroy families by creating incentive for the father to leave the family. This led to devastating consequences–ones we’re presently reeling from.
Anarchist and Communist organisations and billionaires conspire to destabilize America by inciting groups of people to civil unrest. Rent-a-mob and false-flags are “things.” Rarely do I meet people from various minority groups who resemble the unhinged caricatures of them that mainstream media presents. This playlist reveals viewpoints, for example, that one rarely encounters on the MSM: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBfcI5HTdydvpEA1RdyBS0YBqDiiblkn3
Economic incentive also plays a role: sensationalism gets coverage; people channel-surfing for a thrill consume such nonsense.
The opiate of the people today, used by those in power to distract its citizenry, isn’t religion, but pornography, various digital entertainment and social media, and “1st World problems.” People of Central America, Africa, and  the Middle-East are concerned with eating and with not being murdered, as: we’ve been hotly debating transgenders in women’s shower and hotel rooms, as Michigan ranks among the top for LITERAL slavery– “human trafficking,” as many hundreds of Black youth are murdered every year in Chicago (a city with strict gun laws), as we’ve never recently been closer to global war….
Hey hey, ho ho, cult-like, communist-style re-education camps and kangaroo-courts have got to go! I’m not so good at chanting. But freedom of speech–of thought–are under assault. “White privilege,” “male privilege,” now “Christian privilege” (though Christians are, by far, the most persecute group in the world).  A candidate everyone was sure would be president freely maligned half the nation as “racist, sexist, homophobic–a bucket of deplorables.” Either self-censor or publicly flagellate yourself, if you even considered voting for Trump. Are you Black, Hispanic, Asian, or female or gay? I respect you as being every bit God’s child as myself, ready to defend your right to speak your mind–and I expect the same from you. I offer no apologies for my race, sex, or religion–no self-censoring and no public flagellating. And yes, I ended up voting for Trump (even though I much favored Carly Fiorina)–deal with it!

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