Catholic Clergy Sex Abuse and the Media

His truth is marching on–thank God for it! Spotlight of The Boston Globe did God’s bidding in 2002, when the Church wouldn’t, and now again, the press and The Pennsylvania Attorney General have shed light to Satan’s work through his anti-Christ apostles. Most unfortunately, the diabolical is active well beyond the Catholic Church. Sexual abuse of all types is practiced and covered up in all religions and institutions. While I’m thankful to the mainstream media for their diligent efforts presently, their umbrella needs to be broadened greatly, including molesters within groups that one dare not mention, while being careful not to stereotype members of any group (Catholic or Protestant or Muslim clergy, Hollywood, politicians, homosexuals, teachers or other professionals…). Expanding the investigative umbrella will be challenging, since these groups, unlike the RCC, are not millennia old universal formal institutions with carefully kept archives. At least it seems we’re in agreement that evil does exist (not everything is subjective and relative), that we must confront it (judging the actions of others publicly is necessary), and that sexual vice does exist (“if it feels good, do it” is out–self-control required).

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