Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Creating a welcoming environment for sexual assault victims to accuse their assailants requires debunking false claims of assault (these phony claims, crying wolf, deafens the public ear to legitimate cries). With almost 2% of priests, and over 9% of public school employees (whose records are not publicly scrutinized) abusing children, and given many women and men victims since our glorious sexual-freedom-idol was erected, we must not pollute the ocean of claimants with phony, politically motivated, charges of abuse. “Innocent until proven guilty” must hold for a civilized society–or are you prepared for having to prove your innocence against a false charge, even one based on an alleged action from 35 years ago (perhaps from a disgruntled employee or coworker or romantic partner…)? We all are only one false charge away from months or years of financially and personally crippling litigation, from losing our careers and reputations. Falsely accusing is easy and most effective, proving one’s innocence–good luck!

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