Alternative web resources for my Philosophy and Ethics courses

There are so very few conservative professors in the academy. Since their writings are relatively uncommon as peer-reviewed articles in leading academic journals, and their views are often caricatured in college textbooks and classrooms, I point you to some .com and .org sites (even though academic web research is normally done in .gov and .edu sites). Therein, you’ll hear or read arguments presented by scholars with impeccable academic credentials, brilliant and informed minds like Thomas Sowell, Richard Neuhaus…. Whatever your paper’s philosophical thesis, especially if it’s social/political or ethical, finding an opposing viewpoint is essential.  But here’s a fair warning: fifty years ago or so, the likes of Marx, Lenin, Mao, and Che Guevara were typically considered dangerous radicals—not any more. Now that designation covers thinkers you’ll read from the following sites (none of whom encourage violence or Rules For Radicals tactics).  The links are in no particular order.


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