Happy Halloween. Navigating Evil Times

How can one help but filling one’s mind with our surrounding horrors?


– Suicide and opioid epidemics.

– Pornography, promiscuity, and other sexual addictions.

– Children receiving chemical castration, placed on a life-long drug regimen and permanently altering their bodies. 

– Presidential candidates threatening to dissolve tax-exempt status to religious institutions that are unwilling to amend their ancient doctrines regarding marriage and gender.

– Marriage and family disintegrating, with soaring divorce rates and with few couples opting for marriage over cohabitation.

– America  seemingly on the verge of serious civil unrest; the Middle-East in crisis; China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea ever-threatening…perhaps WWIII or an EMP attack on the horizon? 

– AI and omnipresent electronic surveillance “virtually” eliminating privacy; think of China’s Social Credit System.

– The collapse of historic religious institutions and the sharp rise of the NONES.

– The Pope embracing idolatry and gay marriage, and denying the deity of Jesus while He was on earth.

– Mass imigration from the Middle-East, almost unparalleled in history, rapidly and radically changing the face of Europe.  

– Abortion, infanticide, euthenasia…ever expanding our culture of death.


Publicly criticise some of these cultish agendas and lose one’s career–self-censorship for political correctness is now an essential professional survival strategy. The Social Darwinian Eugenics of the Nazis and of early 20th Century American Progressives is fast replacing Judeo-Christian morality. Paganism clearly is ascending. Horrors, indeed–diabolical.


One must resist feeling overwhelmed by this perfect storm gathering strength around us. But how? 

– Stop watching and reading news, and unplugging from social media, podcasts, YouTube….? Ignorance isn’t the solution, though moderation in information consumption is necessary. 

– Entertain ourselves with the superficial and trivial, drowning out oppressive reality with noise? Turn on, tune in, and drop out? Pretending the super-tornado doesn’t exist doesn’t make it go away. Eating cake and visiting the circus is great fun, though, the preferred option for most Americans, and to the satisfaction of our overlord social engineers. 

– Eastern meditation, then? Still the mind, letting thoughts pass by without judgement, any thought? What if one isn’t ready to accept this soteriology and metaphysics? One might be an unbeliever in seeking empty-mindedness and the cessation of all desire, doubting this leads to achieving oneness with the Unmentionable/Buddha-Nature/Pure-Consciousness (which, we’re told, has no attributes and which we all are)?  


Wishing you well, this Halloween, in choosing your own survival strategy for navigating these dark times. “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

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