Take Care in Defining “Failure” and “Success”

It’s my birthday! In my 57 years I’ve accomplished nothing especially noteworthy, but not for lack of trying. I guess you could call me a failure. No matter–I’ve received The Pearl of Great Price; it can’t be taken from me and I’m not giving it up. As for my career, still and adjunct lecturer, an at-will employee. What of it, compared to God’s love? While I’m a nobody to the world, I’m deeply loved by wife and family. Fame, power, prestige, wealth…; I believe Epstein and Weinstein had all that; I guess they were “successful”. God and family do just fine for me, thanks. This present darkness is soon to be conquered by Christ the King, anyway. Tonight, I’ll blow out my birthday candles with glee!

One thought on “Take Care in Defining “Failure” and “Success”

  1. Wise sentiments from a wise man!
    You’ve accomplished the acquisition of fear of the Lord, wisdom, understanding, knowledge, counsel, piety, fortitude and are already producing much good fruit!

    Felix and I are blessed by your discourse

    Happy Birthday! What day were you baptized? That’s another birthday worth celebrating…and we have Scotch waiting. Bring your cigars 🎉🔥🕊


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