Police Almost Shot Me!

I’ve never published this event before–too humiliating; given current events, it’s time I do.

At around 15 years of age, about 40 years ago, I strolled on a neighborhood road along the woods, where I had shot my BB gun at empty cans. Realizing the gun looked suspicious, I secured it in my jeans and covered it with my shirt–not knowing that I was being followed by an undercover Sylvania, Ohio police officer. He called for back-up. Two squad cars quickly stopped next to me. Their guns drawn, they yelled for me to get my hands up. Embarrassed, this happening in my own neighborhood, I hoped to explain that my gun was only a BB gun. The officer yelled again and I complied. I was pushed over the car’s hood. About six hours later, that officer came to my house, saying he’d spent the last several hours in a bar; still feeling beside himself, he said “You were almost the first person I ever shot”.

Lesson learned: when an officer demands that you raise your hands (or step aside, or leave the area)–do it, immediately! Apologies for my stupidity, officer. You couldn’t have known what I attempted to reach for that day. Thank you for your service!

Defund or disband the police? You’re OUT of your mind! More people die each year from mistakes of poor medical doctors than from rotten cops (but please don’t seek to ban or defuned doctors). By the way, the current mantra, “hands up, don’t shoot”, it’s based on fake news; look into it. Should this encounter have happened today, but with a person of color, the 15 year old surely would be shot, given the stats? Fake statistics; look into it.

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