Three blurbs (attempting a writing jump-start)

  1. Are you a musician or author? Chances are, even as a famous one very few, relatively speaking, will know of your work; fewer still will appreciate it. So why bother venting your futile passion? I know of only one redeeming reason: to glorify God—from love of and obedience to the Creator, Director, and Sustainer of all. That’s audience enough!
  2. Many have died on lovely days, to the sound of birds, dogs, babies, and laughter. Now, the tragic is mixed with joyous beauty. One day, the one no more will be infected by the other. The peace on earth I look forward to will be created, directed, and sustained by King Jesus.
  3. Marxists around the globe are busy laying the groundwork for another glorious revolution, designed for intoxicated and distracted masses to enjoy the coming utopia (after some eggs have been cracked for cooking up this delicious omelette). Perhaps the WEF/UN/CFR/CCP’s WW III and America’s Civil War II, both now underway, won’t need to go hot, given the great success of their mass-formation technocratic strategies. Smiley-faced-fascism is, after all, “hap-hap-happy all the time”. 🙂

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