Standing up to SJW Bullies

By my title, you’ve braced yourself for a polemical and vitriolic piece–HAVEN’T you! Put down your sign, stop the “hay hay ho ho” chant, and breath. I’m engaging in the culture wars on Divine Mercy Sunday, 8 April 2018; you’ve heard the chaplet: “For the sake of his sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world,” and the end of the Rosary: “O my Jesus, save me from the fires of hell. Lead all souls to Heaven–especially those in most need of thy mercy!” Standing up to SJW bullies, in this light, has no room for hate or uncontrolled anger.
Rather, it’s about accepting all the differences among us and simply getting along, by tolerance, open-mindedness, embracing “the other” no matter what! It’s a simple either/or. Confrontation with hate and rage or making peace by agreeing with one whom you ignorantly feared as an opponent–that’s the choice. It’s clear by the first paragraph that I reject the first option, so allow me to insult your intelligence by defending muddle-headed PC group-think, the second option.
Too bad for me that you so quickly detect a false dichotomy when you read one. You’re not falling for psycho-babble about differences of belief necessarily residing in a phobia rooted in ignorance. Is there another option, though, besides blood-curdling screams or confessing that no legitimate disagreements can exist on certain controversial cultural topics? Obviously, one other option, sometimes the best choice at the time, is simply not to engage, not to confront or dialogue/argue. For the remainder, we’ll discuss situations that do call for discussion with one holding a differing opinion.
On some issues, popular wisdom like agree to disagree (live and let live, disagree agreeably), is incompatible with praying for another’s well-being and their receiving God’s mercy. “While I, personally, for myself, (please don’t take this as my being judgmental!) do not choose to binge-drink daily, I totally respect your right to live as you choose, and fully respect you just as you are, because I love you and I never want to hurt your feelings or your sense of self!” If this is your understanding of mercy and friendship–I do not want you as my friend. “Better the wounds of a friend than the kisses of an enemy.” Wisely confronting another’s foolishness, even when their acts don’t directly harm you or others, is sometimes necessary for availing them of God’s mercy. The alcoholic must first admit he’s an alcoholic; without a loved one courageous enough to confront, to hold up the mirror, this fist step isn’t likely to happen.
The second option in paragraph two (making peace by  pretending to agree with one whom you “ignorantly feared” as an opponent) accepts a false peace. One pretends to agree with someone holding a position that contradicts one’s own (making one a liar); or one changing one’s considered position for a false peace (making one a coward and no respecter of truth). No false peace leads to true or lasting peace. One can pretend for only so long, while bottling up one’s true feelings, disrespecting one’s self, and patronizing one’s opponent by a bigotry of low expectations (“people like you require my with-holding carefully reasoned arguments, since you can’t think so good”).
Caving to demands from cult-like and ad hominem tactics is anti-intellectual and psychic suicide. Some disagreements are substantive, dealing more with facts and sound reasoning than with ignorance and phobia. If I respect you and care for you, I don’t lie to you or demean you with a patronizing attitude, treating you as a child; I tell you honestly what I think, even when I know you disagree. Perhaps you’ll set me straight, and I’ll thank you for it–or visa versa. Revert to shouting me down, getting me fired, throwing punches, changing laws so the police can do your fighting for you…who’s the bully there? the one simply articulating his/her views that you disagree with? (I have no patience even to address the absurd view casting rationality/logic/dialectic as a Western European mode of expression, as a tool of “the patriarchy” or “White privilege,” finding this view itself to be sexist and racist.)
With popular culture’s  “by any means necessary” philosophy, we’re destroying minds, families, education, society. Utilitarianism is no pillar of justice, leaving today’s SJWs as only SWs, social warriors–bullies. By our older generation’s tack of “go along to get along,” Epicureanism, these bullies too often are simply ignored–“why cause a fuss, they’ll grow out of it some day.” Sometimes, for the sake of society, if not to help the fool, destructive ideologies and lifestyles must be challenged–thoughtfully, from mercy, not with hate or rage or ill-will. In exposing the faulty reasoning of SJW bullies, debaters like Ben Shepiro act as mind surgeons, cutting out cancerous ideologies. While it’s not pleasant to listen to, it can save the patient–and save those belonging to her cult.
This post seems theoretical, safe, inconsequential, until one plugs in contemporary hot-button issues. Run these jarring positions through, just as a thought-experiment, and then see how dry the ideas above seem:
– Injecting children with puberty-blocking hormones and performing sex-reassignment surgery on them before they’re out of high school, is child abuse.
– Allowing a man into women’s college showers and hotel rooms, on his say-so that he’s actually a women, is grossly unfair to the many women who have experienced sexual assault.
– Contraception (some carcinogenic and abortifacient), has lead to viewing sex as recreation, to separating it from forming families, to objectifying women.
– Abortion redefines human rights, basing the right to life on one’s abilities rather than simply on one’s humanness.
– No-fault divorce has undermined marriage–the building block of society.
– Subsidiarity and limited government is necessary, since “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
– The Second Amendment is necessary for helping to hold tyranny at bay, as well as for personal protection against murderers who would never surrender their weapons.
– The Catholic Church was established by Christ, in giving Peter the Keys to the Kingdom.
– Cultural Marxists are agitating, to divide and weaken America and to replace the free market with Socialism.
– Speech must be allowed, even when (especially when) one finds it most offensive.
– Religions hold some beliefs that contradict each other, even at their center; they aren’t “all saying the same thing, all leading to the same point.”
– Islamism, likely more than other religions, is responsible for the lion’s share of religiously inspired terrorist attacks.
I’m willing respectfully and thoughtfully to discuss any such topic with you, regardless of your position, for our mutual advantage. I believe in free speech. I don’t label speech I disagree with as “hate-speech,” to use laws to silence you. I believe in the marketplace of ideas. By everyone feeling free to offer their best thinking, the better ideas among us stand a better chance of getting accepted. I’ll argue with your ideas without resorting to silly personal attacks and other informal fallacies. I know their’s much I don’t know; I’m open to being challenged–finding the intellectual adventure virtuous and exhilarating.
I’m not so naive, though, as to believe everyone will respond in kind. For those who disrespect reason, who reject the power of persuasion for the persuasion of power, I’ll sometimes confront you anyway, at least for the good of others. Bullies don’t intimidate me; capitulation only enables them. There’s never been a time in history of so many Christian’s receiving the white robe of martyrdom; all I’m likely to endure from closed-minded, hateful bigots is name-calling, social media trolling, spitting, maybe punching, black-listing, firing–come on AntiFa, you can do better than that! Go ahead, pic your sign back up, continue with the “hay hay ho ho.” I’ll continue praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Rosary for you, seriously; I do want you to experience Divine Mercy–and not the wrath of the natural consequences from your destructive idol, your toxic ideology.

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