Confessions of a Thought-Criminal

Dan Anderson:
Caucacion: Guilty (Does not exhibit White-guilt)
Male: Guilty (Does not acknowledge male privilege)
Over 40: Guilty
CisGender: Guilty (No attempts at androgyny)

Roman Catholic: Guilty (dogma living loudly within)
Republican: Guilty
Pro Free-Market: Guilty
Pro-Life: Guilty
Pro First Amendment: Guilty
Pro Second Amendment: Guilty
Pro Legal Immigration and National Borders: Guilty
Pro Traditional Family: Guilty

Could one be any more deplorable, suffering from multiple phobias, mental illnesses? Worse, perhaps these crimes are rooted in consciously and persistently choosing evil. Who’s any better a candidate for re-education camp or punishment, especially when the perp is unrepentant, unapologetic? Classic cult techniques for brainwashing are not likely to be successful.

Defendant’s Response:
In my defense, please take note. I treat people respectfully, as individuals, as God’s children, not as collectives–even if one fits into none of the 12 categories I’m found guilty of. While I won’t pretend to agree with you when I don’t, I’ll honor your conscience and freedom in disagreeing with me. As you take pride in who you are, I too am proud of who I am–no apologies.

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