St. Benedict Storage Container Community

A wealthy business owner purchased 200 acres north of Cedar Springs, Michigan. He had community on his mind. When he got out of town for the weekend, though he enjoyed some solitude, he wanted friends to share time with, to ride motorcycles with, to hike and fish with, but especially to worship with. He built a community on the cheap, dividing up his 200 acres in 5 acre lots, each having storage container cabins organized into one of five floor plans. On the center of his property he built a church, where a priest held Mass weekly. The Liturgy of the Hours is said prayed twice daily, for anyone able to attend.

Wanting to avoid writing association rules and possibly being open to frivolous lawsuits, he sold each of his 5 acre lots privately; yet he maintained the integrity of his community by selling only to parishioners of his diocese who have been in good standing for at least five years. In his later years, or, should culture collapse, he has a happy community to live in.

In choosing storage containers he found durable structures that are easily fabricated and inexpensive. Having purchased them in bulk, and efficiently delivering them and outfitting them, he was able to sell at a moderate profit. Even during busy months, where he’s not able to visit his “cottage” for weeks, he has peace of mind knowing that neither mice nor bear will have broken in.

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