Four Brothers’ Shipping Container Compound

Today over lunch, I sat down with four brothers living in Western Michigan, who were inspired by my brief article on shipping container communities of faith. While it seems they worship golf more than God, my article did get them thinking.

Given the increasing social turmoil that they’ve noticed ever developing, for example the 63 hysterical interruptions at Cavanaugh‘s nomination to the Supreme Court, they’ve gotten on the shipping-container-community bandwagon, just in case society gets a lot worse. One of the brothers interviewed said

“we don’t do enough together as an extended family anymore–why not create a family recreation area, preferably not far from a golf course?”.

“We don’t have a lot of money or much time,” said another of the brothers, “but we certainly could either purchase 40 acres together, or each of us purchase 10 acres next to each other, starting with a simple shipping container unit on each. That way we each have our own cottage (we could think of the cottage as a super-durable mobile home).”

“Perhaps I’ll end up keeping mine as a guest house and a few years later building a traditional cottage for my family.”

Another brother suggested that he might simply add several more storage containers on his lot; he likes their durability and quick set up. Intrigued, I asked how he planned on stacking them. He laughed, explaining:

“I’ll place two 53’, 10’ tall containers parallel, 20’ apart, with two 20’ containers parallel at either end. This makes an inner area that I’ll place a roof over, for a 20’ by 53’ living room. Above all that will by an open deck, all covered by a large metal dome”.

Each brother offered to help the others with whatever construction, welding, electrical or plumbing might be needed. They see this as productive bonding time, inspired by observing the Amish near Bronson, MI.

“Men usually like to DO things together, not to sit in a circle talking endlessly,” a brother sarcastically commented. And when their little family compound is done, “we’ll have a fun place to meet up at, and only an hour or two away from home”. “And if things get nuts, we’ll live there—watching each others’ backs.”

Though the soft apocalyptic undertone to their vision won’t resonate with most, I’m sure they will achieve the bonding time they’re after, end up with inexpensive vacation homes, and enjoy the nearby golfing for years to come!

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