Cult Member Self-Test

Are you a cult member, having been indoctrinated and intimidated into submission, believing by group-think rather than by evidence and truth?  Blind belief, submission to the mob and their thought-police, means one makes personal and professional decisions against nature according to a lie–bad for business! Here is a test you can run on yourself:
     1. Identify any topics I unquestioningly and very emotionally hold opinions on, that I’m not an expert in, that all my friends likewise hold.
     2. Listen to arguments from intelligent and informed persons holding the contrary view (without screaming expletives or making ad hominem attacks).
It doesn’t follow that one should believe only what can be proven with reasonable certainty by science (that’s dogmatic scientism), or that one shouldn’t learn from authority and culture (that’s radical individualism, collapsing education). Trusting proven authority and believing what one can’t establish need not preclude open inquiry (Thomas Aquinas required students to argue the pro and con of any issue, differentiating between doctrines that can and can’t be established by reason).
In our day, many dogmatically believe doctrines, with contempt and hostility for anyone holding a different view, while imagining they’re grounded in science. Know a loved one like this? Hold an intervention! Worry that you’re a cult member? There’s help–reach out! Our present epistemological zombie apocalypse, for saving Western Civilization, must be subverted!
Here’s a video that might help get you started with your self-test:

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