Christian Activism

Are secret societies only for the uber-wealthy, planning their New World Order at a Bilderberg hotel or at Bohemian Grove? Maybe it’s only those planning revolution who require secrecy. Perhaps private clubs with secret handshakes and funny hats are simply useful for a night out of fantasy fun. Is Skull and Bones and other fraternity houses just a college phase for boys to be boys? While I’m not advocating in this pamphlet for anything so organized or colorful as any of these secret societies, the hyperbolic comparison, for Christians gathering discretely to write and plan for the Kingdom of God, does have its parallels. No doubt George Soros, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and Communist groups form serious and effective plans behind closed doors; why should Christians be any less deliberate and stealthy?


Certainly, any secret society model requiring private planning is antithetical to Christianity! Church services are public, whether for worshipping, studying, or socializing. We are children of the day, not needing to hide in the darkness of night. We don’t plan financially, seeking to further our purposes with wealth, knowingly against the wishes of fellow citizens; and we certainly aren’t involved in a revolution!


Actually–we should be and we are. While we don’t need the pyramid structure, oaths, regalia or ceremony of Freemasonry, Shriners, Club of Rome, Ninth Circle,  or the O.T.O., we do need to exercise our freedoms of association and privacy.


We are poor stewards of the finances Christ entrusts us with, if we’re not using wealth to further his Kingdom; and we are revolutionaries at odds with the Kingdom of this world. If we’re not trustworthy with little, with money, Christ says the little we have will be taken from us. If we’re friends with this world and its culture, we’re enemies of Christ. If one’s church is not employing its resources against the prevailing winds of our secular and hedonistic culture, subverting its wickedness and self-destruction, then one’s church likely is worldly, treasonous to the Kingdom of God, apostate. Engaging this battle for souls and culture does require more than the many worthy ministries churches already maintain; it calls for disciples meeting, planning, writing, and acting in small groups, likely apart from direct church management (for the church’s sake) and without state licensure.


If one’s church is countering our culture with its resources, actively revolting against it, those church meetings need relative secrecy, meeting only with trusted members. If you’re able to participate in that believing and active church or in a parachurch organization, you don’t need to read on. Does your church better resemble the type that’s sailing with the winds of hell, enabling or advocating grave sin and heresy, and you know you need the camaraderie of fellow believers in your efforts against this present darkness? Read on. Continue reading,, too, if you attend a believing and truly practicing church, but whose access for your participation is limited to serving good and necessary ministries for charity, building and grounds maintenance, and pot-luck clean-up, but whose access for you, involving planning and activism for subverting Satan’s Kingdom, is not open to you. Not everyone is called to this “community organizing,” though the Church is. If you’re not, that’s good; bloom where you’re planted and soar with the strengths Christ has given you. You’re done reading; we all have different callings.

You’re still reading, then. What’s the nature of the battle we’re suiting up for? Other than the most important factors, strong faith, love of God and man (family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, strangers), avoiding sin, being responsible with one’s health and finances…what tactics might we consider, after prayer, reading, fasting?

Assessing the Fight We’re In

If the main-stream-media serves as your only source of information, here’s a brief list you should look into, to get a better idea of the cesspool-society we swim in; the barbarians are beyond the gate, they surround us–think zombie apocalypse. Many of our open adversaries subscribe to the ends-justify-the-means ethic (including family and friends). If they see you as a threat, which they will if you’re publicly active against hot-button social/moral issues, they won’t hesitate in ruthlessly going after your job and reputation. Some of us have the relative luxury of not being too concerned about this; we’re self-employed or in a business that doesn’t care about their employees’ personal views. Most of us, though, work in environments dominated by the liberal agenda. We belong to professional organizations with clear stances favoring the Democrat Party and its Progressive agenda. Merely for letting it be known that you voted Republican you’ll likely, at least, be made to feel ostracized and “deplorable.”


Look up a few of the following topics on YouTube and do Bing (not Google) searches, if you need to get up to speed and become aware of our Leftist infiltrated culture.


Antifa and BAMN: These are violent Communist or Anarchist affiliations that attack free-speech.


Targeted Businesses and their Advertisers: There are many victims here, especially in the wedding industry. The president of Mozilla Firefox was forced to resign for giving a contribution years prior to California’s proposal for traditional marriage. The president of Harvard was fired for suggesting that there might be a nature-based explanation for more men than women choosing analytical fields; Google fired an employee for citing studies showing the same possibility. The A.M.A. favors puberty suppressing medication being given to young children.


YouTube Demonetization: While YouTube was years late in beginning to address the pedophilia sites on their platform, they were most proactive in targeting conservative vloggers (video bloggers) for deletion and for demonetization. Similar censorship occurs on Facebook and Twitter. If you wish to become active with social media, you should consider using alternative platforms (like, WordPress, Spreaker); while they aren’t as popular as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, they’re much more tolerant of free speech.


The I.R.S. Targeting Tea-Party Groups: This occurred, under Lois Lerner’s tenure, the year before President Obama’s election, inhibiting grass-roots oppositional organizing. This is why we need a plethora of small fires rather than several bonfires flushing out the rats. Large organization, like churches, Christian colleges, and various media organizations, are more vulnerable and less agile. Close friends, loosely collaborating together in person, not online, are much harder to herd and intimidate.


Labels like “Fundamentalist” and “Hate Speech”: Just as Extremist Muslim Fundamentalist Terrorists are a public enemy, believe and practicing Christians, too, are branded “Fundamentalist.” Not to offend your sense of patriotism, but, by many in our government, of whatever branch, we are uncivil at best, haters and bigots–enemies of the state, at worst. Remember that a large percentage of government workers (NSA, FBI, CIA, Military, Police, Judges…) supported Hillary Clinton for President; those civil servants haven’t gone away. While I love America, feeling thankful for our Constitution, Police, Military, businesses, and so much more, I’m aware that this no longer is a Christian nation, that much in our culture and laws are antithetical to God. This world is not my home; ultimately, my citizenship is in Heaven. We should eagerly pray and act for national revival; without it, God’s judgment on America is inevitable. We’re beyond 50 million innocent lives murdered in the womb. We’ve legalized homosexual “marriage.” We allow “transgenders” to enter the public shower room of the opposite sex. We spend multiple billions of dollars each year on pornography. Need I go on?


Why the Secrecy and Selectivity? Having looked into news headlines regarding the above, this question is moot. If one wishes to engage the enemy and one is not independently wealthy and does not wish to get fired and become unemployable, secrecy among select co-conspirators is necessary. Choose those you confide in, concerning your writings, vloggings, and activities, judiciously. Being a member of your church is not sufficient for your trusting that person with the information you could lose your livelihood over. Begin trusting people with talk about planning the church Christmas party and whether or not the kitchen plumbing needs to be replaced, before broaching the subject of your participating incognito in a Socialist protest for a city union so you can post video footage you secretly recorded for your vlog (“Louder with Crowder” actually did this)! Even silently praying in front of an abortion mill might get dangerous these days, but more aggressive activism certainly can be dangerous.


Financially Supporting Activists: Consider supporting independent journalists, bloggers and vloggers, who directly and effectively assault evil institutions and movements, through Patreon and crowdfunding. Perhaps you’ll want to fund a member of your cell, who has the skills, time, and motivation.  


Nothing I’m suggesting implies adopting vigilante or utilitarian tactics. Perhaps the time will come that reading from Leviticus will be deemed hate-speech and illegal; when and if that day arrives, we need to be ready for civil disobedience and jail–how do you think the much needed Civil Rights Movement of Martin Luther King succeeded? Non-violent protest sometimes does require breaking unjust laws. God’s law trumps national law!

Possible Missions

The Holy Spirit is most creative, powerful, and mysterious. Pray diligently to see how he might lead. Then act boldly, without fear and constant second-guessing. Here, are only a few possibilities.


Sex Slavery (Human Trafficking) and the Sex Industry (Pornography Businesses): Assuming it’s legal, I don’t suppose taking pictures of license plates of those frequenting porn shops and strip joints, and posting them online, could be good for business or reputation. Please don’t misinterpret the Golden Rule here.


Abortion Clinic Video Monitoring: Video record protesters as they silently pray, ready to capture Antifa types assaulting them. Follow perpetrators to get their pictures, once they remove their cowardly masks. Publicly expose these thugs. Post your footage online and give it to the police. Is this preaching the Gospel? No. Do you mistakenly think being salt and light, advancing Christ’s Kingdom, is a matter of words and mental assent only?


Infiltrating the Enemy’s Camp (Leftist Churches, Seminars, Universities): Attend services, events, and classes with an audio or video recorder (assuming it’s legal). Post egregious clips online. Write about it, involving your friends and organizations. Does anyone blame the Anti Defamation League for doing this type of thing? Some Jewish organizations spy on known Nazis, filming them, and publicly exposing them–they have guts, craftiness, and a sense of justice. Good for them! Why should Christians be gutless, stupid, and apathetic to justice?


Writing Circles for Blogging and Publishing: This could be a less radical and socially enjoyable way to hone one’s writing skills while affecting culture. This is just what I’m doing now, sitting by a fire in a coffee shop, ready to send this rough-draft off to my dad, wife, son, and brother, for their input and editing (a friend wasn’t able to join me here, tonight). This not only serves a mission, it draws me closer to others, gives me a fulfilling sense of purpose, and feels like a hobby! While I enjoy motorcycling and guitar playing, writing with a mission is more exciting and worthwhile.


When I make this writing public, I won’t even include my name or post it to any of my social media, except for any sites without my photo or name showing. One’s business likely follows their employee’s online footprint. Depending on what you’re writing about, you might want to keep it offline and in private, away from Alexa and cell phones, even. If this sounds paranoid to you, look into the surveillance capabilities and practices of big business and of government.


Training the Older Generation in Social Media for their Blogging with Millennials: Older people have wisdom and experience, lacking among our badly misguided youth. They don’t have the tech knowledge, but that’s remedied easily enough. They have the great advantages, probably, of not fearing to lose a job and of having time available. Groups of older bloggers directing clueless Millennials online is a win-win!


Are any of these activities “nice?” No! Don’t mistake Jesus for the children’s character Barney. Think Aslan, from Narnia, if you need a children’s character to compare him to. If activism scares you, perhaps you’ve been inactive too long, likely belonging to a church that poses no threat to Satan and his followers. One’s church service might better suit preschoolers, with its emotive and superficial worship and feel-good homilies. Jesus’ disciples, however, were no strangers to jails and beatings; they were seen as agitators, rabble-rousers.


Spiritual warfare is dangerous and risky, requiring intellectual, moral, and spiritual preparation. Think Joan of Arch or Ignatius of Loyola. This calls for valiant woman and men, not for weak, timid, fearful, lukewarm Christians. Perhaps the lack of this dimension explains why men in churches are scarce while they are prominent in Islam. Men don’t care to participate in a children’s service, with activities for them limited pretty much to doing dishes at a social event or mowing the lawn. We know that we’re in the midst of a raging battle that our nature suits us for, but we’re stuck and blind. Pray!

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