Celebrating International “Women’s” Day

I’d like to celebrate International Women’s Day; but I fear doing so might open me to the disastrous charge of being out of touch with cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs proving the gender-binary to be a trans-phobic myth. By “Women’s” Day, it seems the celebration assumes the outdated definition of “woman” as being “female” (with xx chromosomes, etc., as we define the sexes in all the rest of the animal kingdom); but this no longer holds, it seems. Perhaps, though, I should worry that not accepting the traditionalist understanding of male/female biological sex, precluding my support for “women” and their powerful and beneficial accomplishments through history, the world over, would open me to the disastrous charge of being misogynist or “sexist”.  What is an older Catholic “man” to do, especially when “he” isn’t even a biologist and holds no “-Studies” degree? Anyway, sincere appreciation for the persons who created the Life Insurance Society for the benefit of other persons (however those persons identify or whichever of the plethora of sexes they were designated to be at birth).

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