College Admissions Scam

Given today’s ethical swamp of:
– Consequentialism: “the end justifies the means,” “by any means necessary.”
– Subjectivism: one is whatever one thinks one is.
– Moral relativism: there are no moral absolutes.
– Egoism: what’s right is what’s to my advantage; I’m held to no higher standard than myself, a law to myself.
– Hedonism: live for pleasure.
why might anyone be shocked at this news of a scam? I’m shocked, rather, that our society hasn’t fully embraced the idea that, since God doesn’t exist, anything is permissible–and set off a civil war (or perhaps that’s underway already?).
If only someone invented an observance involving acts of humility, charity, and self-control, curbing destructive narcissism, self-delusion, and sensuality (call it, well, “Lent” or something).

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