A Call to Form Catholic Men’s College Employee Clubs

  • Meet at a Eucharistic Adoration chapel or before the Tabernacle, for twenty minutes of silent prayer and adoration.
  • Decide where to go for coffee, from there, to discuss for twenty minutes something from the day’s Missal or Breviary readings.
  • Then, after informally chatting for twenty minutes, close with a Litany.
  • Hang around, as time allows, talking over whatever.
This casual and flexible approach helps insure a worshipful and relaxed atmosphere, away from the workplace. We’ll encourage ourselves and our colleagues in the faith, establishing camaraderie and accountability, countering the marginalization of Catholicism in our increasingly intolerant campus culture.
Please pass this along to Catholics in your institution, encouraging them to form like cells. As these groups randomly form across your college or university, perhaps they’ll form into larger units. This open and organic approach skirts the red tape and bureaucracy of various institutions. I encourage women and Protestants to form similar clubs.

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