A Brief Examination of Conscience, Especially For Millennials

This admonition does not apply to a good portion of honorable Millenials, while it does apply to a good portion of dishonorable Baby-boomers. We all need correction periodically; I’m not always OK and you’re not always OK. Perhaps a few of these words might usefully prick your conscience, leading to change, forgiveness, and restoration.
Characteristics increasingly displayed in American culture:
  • Self-centered-ness and narcissism. One has become one’s own god, idolatry. Too often we’re using others as a means only, as objects for our desires; we disregard God’s image borne by another. Humility gives way to diabolical and foolish pride.
  • Inconsiderateness and incivility are so clearly displayed, I don’t bother commenting.
  • Hedonism and the “Do What Thou Wilt” philosophy. Freedom as license leads to lack of self-control. One’s bondage to vices like pornography, sexual perversions, inordinate activities like gaming or other electronic entertainments, and various chemical addictions, is not freedom. One bares the consequences of sin in one’s mind and body, sometimes leading to suicide, venereal diseases, and to tormenting addictions.
  • Lacking any fear of God, with much mockery and blasphemy. Hostility, especially to Christ and his followers, explains why eighty percent of acts of brutality against religious observers are against Christians, worldwide. An anti-Christ spirit pervades, having swept through our day as a tsunami. The LGBTQ agenda is used as a club against religious freedom–“deny your four-thousand-year old Judeo-Christian teaching regarding gender and homosexuality, and publicly celebrate our sexual activities and identities, or we will destroy you”! Tolerance? Live and let live? Hypocrites. Even the rational statement, ‘love the sinner but hate the sin’, isn’t countenanced by this generation.
  • Cult-like mentality. Arrogantly and mistakenly believing one to be well-informed and thoughtful, while blindly following P.C. ideologies, characterizes many. The like don’t realize they’ve been indoctrinated by social media, public education, and entertainment. While listening only to peers, and neglecting alternative viewpoints from parents and older people, from those often having far more experience and knowledge, they succumb to short-sited ideologies, to fanaticism, and to group-think. Many -isms and -ists (Marxism, Feminism, Environmentalism…) resound loudly with religious overtones. Their evangelists, though, zealously proselytize their dogma while pretending to be objective, neutral, and even scientific.
  • Disrespectful of parents. Another point here that we need not belabor.
  • The culture of death. Abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, all gleefully embraced, as did the American Progressives of the early Twentieth Century. George Bernard Shaw and The Fabian Society would be proud.
  • Ugly, crude, and vile entertainment. Check out Billboard on most popular music genera–QED. Perhaps you’d enjoy watching the music video “Animals”, by Maroon Five, on YouTube; it plays widely on Pop radio stations, too.
  • Rebelliousness. Many are against much authority, making them unteachable and proud. How does one not willing to “stand on the shoulders of giants” hope to learn much of anything? Millennials notoriously are against organized religion, favoring an individualistic do-it-yourself approach; it’s on display at festivals of transformation, e.g., “Burning-Man”.
  • Envy. While Free-Market supporters need to stay clear of the idolatrous love of money, Socialists and Communists exude envy. They speak with vitriol against those they arbitrarily deem to be making too much money (unless the wealthy in question are Democrats, having mysteriously made their fortune after a few years in office).
  • Nihilistic.  An apathetic attitude, embracing meaninglessness and purposelessness, permeates this hive-mind. Teleology is out! “Nothing really matters–to me. Mama….”
  • Cultural Relativism. There are no absolutes or standards–except that one must abide by one’s culture (unless one’s culture is Western or Christian, and assuming it’s not Socialist or Communist), and except for the climate-change and LGBTQ universal absolutes which must be militantly supported in every way.
  • Subjectivism. Anything goes. Just do it! Whatever. Note the strictures listed just above, though.
  • Ungratefulness, hating America. Anything American is bad, at least if it’s Christian and/or Caucasian (except for all the White Liberal presidential candidates).
  • Intolerant, standing against our basic freedoms. Free speech is fine, as long as we agree with what’s said–if we disagree, it’s a hate-crime and we’ll shout it down or de-platform it.
  • Self-righteous public virtue-signaling. We’re not interested personal responsibility or in becoming virtuous, focusing rather, on what we can get government to do.
Recognize yourself in some of the above? I do. The Office of Reconciliation is my antidote:
For the good of your neighbor, of any generation, considerately call out the persistent shortcomings of others. Consider what a child, never corrected, is doomed to become. I don’t enjoy being corrected, but I’m often thankful for it later. Sometimes, silence isn’t prudence or politeness, but cowardice and selfishness. Please, for the good of those living the characteristics listed above, for the good of our country, confront, exhort, sometimes even rebuke! We are fast crumbling from within.

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