Pray Through the Psalms, Weekly or Monthly

Devout Jews and Christians, through the Centuries, have prayed the Psalms. In our troubling times, you’ll likely find them helpful; William James, great American Philosopher and Psychologist, credited them with saving his sanity–literally.

I simply copied the Psalm chapter numbers to be read for each of the daily Divine Office readings of the Benedictine Monastic Breviary. I arranged them into an optional monthly reading plan rather than the demanding weekly schedule, while also listing the weekly. Chapter numbering is given both for Hebrew and for Vulgate based translations (read the last paragraph here, for an explanation, if you like getting into the weeds).

On this 30 minute video you can view the books I’ve mentioned on this post.

Follow this link to my blog page. At the bottom of this page, download and print the Excel file.

The weeds of chapter numbering for Hebrew verses Vulgate translations:

The chapter numbers for the first page follow the Latin translation from the Greek Septuigent (Vulgate) as found, for examples, in the Monastic Diurnal and the Douay (and the bracketed numbers in the RSV-CE). The NABRE, NCV, ESV and KJV, for examples, follow the Hebrew chapter numbering.

Chapters 1-9 and 147-150 are about the same for both Vulgate and Hebrew texts; these numbers are underlined, below.

Chapters 9-113 and 115-146 in the Vulgate are one number lower than in the Hebrew (mostly).

If, then, one wishes to read chapter 10 as listed here, but one reads from the KJV (based on Hebrew text) for example, read what’s listed as chapter 11 in the KJV. Additionally, 113 in the Vulgate is ~115 in the Hebrew, and 114 is ~116. These numbers are italicized, below.

“…the Vulgate joins Pss 9 and 10 of the Hebrew into a single psalm, and again 114 and 115 of the Hebrew
into a single psalm, while dividing 116 and 147 of the Hebrew into two psalms” (NCV, 15).

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