Prepare–While You Still Can

Use this brief window of freedom we’re now enjoying for prepping. I don’t necessarily mean setting a shipping-container as a cabin, on a remote plot of land, or equipping a tall Dodge RAM as your new mobile home (as exciting as these options might be). How about your communications abilities?

Look into it yourself. Make a YouTube playlist from selecting videos around these terms: VPN, TOR, Tails, DNScloak, faraday bag (for cell phone), bitcoin, Linux instead of Google and Windows, Pi-hole with VPN, connecting cell-pone and computer by LAN instead of by WiFi, burner phone, Brave or Firefox Focus browsers, DuckDuckGo….

Don’t think China’s Social Credit System couldn’t happen here. Research it, if you’re unaware. Do you think the likes of those popular in the D.N.C. would hesitate in using the NSA’s tools of surveillance against you, the racist, sexist, homophobic, trans-phobic, deplorable? Never mind that you’re none of these–likely, you’re already supporting, financially or with social media comments, what the Southern Poverty Law Center identifies as a hate-group. Don’t think your State Attorney General wouldn’t consider the SPLC’s list, in launching investigations of conservative Christian media and organizations.

We are to be “wise as serpents”, not naive, ignorant, careless, and lazy. “Don’t be worried or anxious about the future; God is in control”! Amen!! Prudence also is required. In many ways we prepare for future contingencies with due diligence. Learning to communicate with others, considering their safety (security and privacy) and your own, doesn’t mean you’re wearing a tin-foil hat while thinking up conspiracy theories and looking out for black helicopters.

Anyone hoping maliciously to conform you to their anti-Christ ideology and manner of living doesn’t want you safely communicating with your fellow believers. Don’t allow their name-calling to keep you from looking out for your interests and for the interests of those you love.

What if nothing nefarious transpires, that you prepared for? Would you regret having secured your internet and cellphone communications? Perhaps you’re not concerned with identity theft, with hackers taking over your social media and email accounts, with big-tech selling your private browsing and purchasing data. Never mind, then.

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