I Don’t Know If…

I don’t know if the health crisis of our day was released accidentally or deliberately from a lab in China or from a meat market.

I don’t know if a so called deep-state or some oligarchy is plotting for a New World Order, a one world government, putting this crisis to good use against traditionalist conservative ideals. Pick your conspirators (Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove, Communists, Technocrats, Freemasons…) and pick their supposed targets (especially free markets, the Catholic Church, and Orthodox Jews).

I don’t know if 5G and The Internet of Things, along with the government conspiring with big business and big tech, will result in a surveillance state and Chinese-style social credit system (think: some of the top brass of Homeland Security, CIA, NSA, and of the FBI working with AT&T, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and the MSM).

I don’t know if our present calamities are due to the wrath of God or to the evil heart of man or simply to a cycle of nature. I rather doubt it’s due to a giant rock venting its anger, though.

I don’t know if we’re in a new type of world war, perhaps leading to a hot war and to the end of America’s leadership-role in the world.

I don’t know if our economy will rebound in a year or if a great depression has begun, perhaps leading to the end of our currency.

I don’t know if our nation will unite or if we’re on the verge of serious rioting in our major cities. Some talk of civil war, hot or cold, and of secession.

I don’t know if Trump is America’s last Republican President.

I don’t know if our health crisis will fiercely reemerge this fall.

I don’t know if sex-trafficking and sexual abuse, involving all ages and for a variety of lusts, is widespread, though I suspect it is. Perhaps it’s practiced especially among the elite; recall John Podesta’s leaked emails from 2015, Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express, The Clinton’s Haiti children’s charity, Coach Jerry Sandusky’s Penn State shower room, Boy’s Town’s in the 1980’s, the SSPX presently, Catholic Cardinal T. McCarrick, Harvey Weinstein…).

I don’t know if hard-core and violent pornography is widespread, but porn generally is a multi-billion dollar industry in America.

I suspect all the above options are at least possible, and that some are more likely the case than not.

I do know that I know someone who does know, though. He is the same one who so precisely fine-tuned the universe for life to exist and whose enemies are roundly defeated in the end. Therein lies my peace and confidence through these turbulent and epoch-changing times!

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