Question Authority, Sheeple

I’m supposed to believe that those promoting population reduction for “saving the planet”, abortion, infanticide, suicide, and euthanasia suddenly care deeply about the death of others? How about the lives of over a million Africans who likely will starve, thanks to the world’s continued economic shutdown–or don’t brown-skinned people matter? With their new found concern for human life, will they apply draconian measures for lives lost in: car accidents (then reduce the speed limit to 25 mph), alcohol related deaths (bring back prohibition), or any number of preventable activities that cause far more deaths than what we’re presently fighting against does? Our present invisible enemy is likely to kill fewer Americans than died last year of the flu.

The 1980’s Satanic-panic, Senator McCarthy’s investigations, the Salem witch trials…none compare with our present hysteria and the multi-faceted harm, including loss of life, following its wake. Concern for economic and social justice? Tell that to the 40% of small business owners who likely will lose their businesses in the next six months, and to their employees losing their livelihoods.

Forgive me for suspecting something else is at play here regarding our continued house arrest. “Order out of chaos”–the Fabian Socialists and their fellow-travelers must be proud! Regardless of personal consequences, it’s time we speak truth to power. Say, whatever happened to all the “Question Authority” bumper stickers anyway?

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