Four Brainstorming Questions and a Comment, About Minneapolis Today

I. Is social distancing over now? If it’s not enforced for one group, how, without a relevant difference, can it justly be enforced for another group? Why might large protests be allowed, but, perhaps, in hopes that those protesters will quickly spread the virus among themselves? Churches in some cities can’t have more than 10 people present for service–because their lives have greater value?

II. Should we now reconsider capital punishment and speedy trials? Perhaps deliberate and unjustified murder should be punished in kind–life for life. Do away with decades of appeals, for clear cases, and quickly appease an understandably outraged mob–especially if the execution is public. Is anarchy preferable?

III. Do ends justify means? What if all groups suffering injustice think they do? What might the Pro-life movement do with this moto? “I’m Pro-life, terribly disturbed by 60 million murdered babies with no end in sight; so I’m getting results and media attention by burning down abortion facilities”. Would the MSM defend this as an understandable call for justice?

IV. Are all people-groups capable of rationality and self-control, or is a bigotry of low expectations sensible? Knowing I’m no more human than others, I expect rationality and self-control from others no less than I expect it from myself; I’m sure a large majority of all groups expect this, too.

Comment: One might hurt one’s cause while advancing the cause of another, not realizing one is another’s pawn. Burning down one’s neighborhood and inviting anarchy harms one’s future economic and social prospects, while advancing the cause of Marxist or Anarchist groups bent on destroying America. There are fruitful ways of addressing injustice; random looting and arson aren’t on that list.

  • Wage Peace!
  • Love your neighbor as yourself.
  • Do to others as you would be done by; and, conversely, do not do to others what you do not want done to you.
  • St. Joseph, Mary Mother of God, pray for us.

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