Requesting advise on posting

I haven’t posted here, for awhile. Guess I first better check for the updated list of banned words and topics. Help, anyone? I have kept abreast of cancelled speakers to colleges and universities, along with the throngs censored or de-platformed from Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, though. Also, I’ve noted businesses targeted by virtuous mobs. Other than consulting three-letter-agency lists of the characteristics of potential domestic terrorists (having attended a Trump rally, showing concern regarding our 1st and 2nd amendment rights, questioning the validity of the 2020 election, entertaining alternative views of medical experts…), what words and topics might I do well to avoid? “Silence is violence”, too, of course, so any direction regarding topics that I must be sure to write about, including angles to cover and to avoid, and what sources to use or not–please advise! I hope not to offend anyone (except for those I’m supposed to), and I don’t want to get cancelled. I’m a team-player; I just need a little direction to make sure I’m wearing the right uniform, and the right face mask (and the right number of them at one time), to be on “the right side of history”.

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