Considerations Our Troubled Times Call For

With many monumental changes underway in several categories of life, religious, social, economic, and political, one can’t help trying to understand what we’re experiencing and wondering how best to respond. All the while, though, as specks traveling rapidly through history, we sense we’re not in control and that we’re not in a position to understand much. From a firm foundation of faith, trusting in God as we walk close to Him daily, we ask His guidance in considering the following challenges.

  • How to respond to Church scandals and false teaching?
  • Creating secure networks with apps like, for communicating privately with trusted friends.
  • Seeking and using new sites like Parlor and Rumble, finding podcasts, and bookmarking websites, for new sources of news and insight.
  • How to avoid becoming a guinea pig for big-pharma’s unapproved experimentation, and still have access to work and public facilities.
  • Move to a state that honors our Constitution and Bill of Rights? Otherwise, purchase land in such a state?
  • Move to a county or to a neighborhood of citizens who are careful to elect a good sheriff, county clerk, and other local leaders?
  • Seek the election of respectable local leaders in your area.
  • Cancel all big-tech social media and Skype, to avoid being profiled or doxed.
  • Reconsidering technology use: use a VPN and an encrypted email server, practice browser isolation (use anything Google only on Chrome, reserving one browser only for banking, generally using the Brave browser, using Tails for sensitive things…), use a de-Googled phone, eliminating or judiciously using “smart” devices, securing computer system surveillance settings, using for online credit card transactions, call family and friends on Signal and strangers on Jitsi (view Rob Braxman videos on YouTube for more information).
  • Get a CPL and home defense tools, given the calls for de-funding the police.
  • Invest more in hard assets (gold, silver, land…) to shield against inflation.
  • How to respond to being cancelled by friends and family?
  • How to respond to anti-Christian workplace propaganda training concerning one’s unconscious racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia–your job and professional licensing depend on it.
  • Garden and hunt or trap one’s food, given the precarious state of farming, ranching, and our just-in-time inventory system.

With daily spiritual nourishment (Bible reading, praying the Breviary and Rosary, participating in Mass, humbly and honestly confessing sins in the Office of Reconciliation…), faithful Catholics need not be fearful or anxious. Our King and His Kingdom are not of this world. If we’re to suffer and face martyrdom, all the better!

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