A blue/black pill on Christian activism

Is your hope in the 2024 election, even after the fraudulent Presidential election of 2020? Conservatives are considered enemies of the state, members of hate-groups, bigots–insurrectionists! Is it hard to imagine the Democrats defeating the filibuster rule and passing a Patriot Act II or the HR5 Equality Act? How might they use it against one who attended a Trump rally, called into question the integrity of the 2020 election, and recently purchased guns? Call me a pessimist, but I have no faith that the voting machines and methods used in the last election will function any more fairly in the next.

Oligarchs around the world have seized on today’s health crisis for decreasing the middle class and transferring wealth and power to themselves. We’ve lost many freedoms, to some extent, and likely we’ll continue losing them. Marxists in line with The Weather Underground, SDS, and the Black Panthers hold key positions in our government. Conservatives are being weeded out of our military. We need to consider how Marxist revolutions have played out many times before. Perhaps the present revolution will continue being non-violent, increasingly exercising totalitarian control through methods like the Chinese Social Credit Scoring and big-tech/big-business censorship and cancelling. Likely, activists supporting our Constitution will be arrested or sent to re-education camps or be relegated to society’s fringes. Have you considered how you would respond to this, should it materialize? Will you lose your professional license or be unable to use PayPal, Uber, or other necessary financial tools?

Will you attempt to take America back with force, against: the military, the three-letter agencies, law enforcement, the judiciary, media, education, big-tech social media, fortune 500 companies, and organized religion? Face it–American culture (business, education, religion…) is thoroughly corrupt from the top down. That approach didn’t work well for the Jews against Rome in 70 A.D. Elections have repercussions; many were saying, before the 2020 Presidential election, that it would be the most important election in our lifetime–it was! Now it’s over. And no, I do not believe Trump will be re-instated.

Is writing letters to politicians or bishops effective? Both groups are beholden to big-money donors, politicians to transnational corporations and bishops to the Democrat party. Letter writing, it seems to me, has little effect. In neither case does the will of the people count for much. If one feels one should write and call senators and bishops, then do it; maybe I will too, just to know I did something–but I won’t have my hopes up. (Well, here I am drafting a blog at 2:30 a.m., after recording a podcast about the same time a couple nights ago; I’m not, then, advocating quietism and inactivity.)

Arguing with a demoniac or casting pearls before swine is worse than a waste of time. Why waste time and effort on those of bad faith, who have no intention of arguing rationally or respectfully? I’ve dropped all social media. In these turbulent and dangerous times; why take on fruitless endeavors that only rob one’s peace of mind? Save the effort for attempting to convince the few who have ears to hear.

St. Joseph retreated to Egypt. He wasn’t a coward; he was obedient. Do you have on your radar states that claim they’ll be sanctuary states for our Constitutional rights, refusing to carry out illegal Presidential mandates or Congressional laws? Moving to such a state might be only a temporary safe-haven from a fascist government (big business fully cooperating with big government). How long, though, could a state, or a network of states, hold out against the Federal Government? For some of us, with family nearby, whom we hope to snatch from hell, we’re called to stay in our blue state.

Cloistered nuns and tertiary members mainly pray. They aren’t lazy or naive. The war we’re in primarily is spiritual. “The weapons of our warfare are not carnal”. Prayer, and living a holy and vibrant testimony, are more effective than a thousand letters and arguments, I believe. Some are called more to this and others more to that; we each must discern our method of engagement. Activism comes in various shades and tones.

Speak and act only as lead. God has a plan we can’t know; he’ll have each of us playing our part, as we follow. For some the vehicle might be a podcast or a blog or speaking up at various meetings, if only to encourage conservatives while even winning a few leftists. For others, perhaps their role is financing those called to speak and write; they would need, then, to keep their jobs–not to speak out at work. And Christ, in their daily actions and conversations, will radiate. The way to go wrong is simply in not being obedient. You are not my servant and I am not yours. I won’t judge your calling and I, too, walk in the freedom of Christ.

Hunting, gardening, fishing, self-defense, investing against inflation, practicing safe technology habits (guarding against surveillance with the phone, computers, smart devices), most of these activities most of us should practice. While there’s not much one can do to save the Church and the nation, one can grow in holiness and sensibly, practically, guard against some aspects of encroaching tyranny. And enjoy your newfound hobbies, while you can!

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