Possible Survival Plans for Conservatives, Given Recent Mandates

One can’t know the future, but having two exit strategies is common tactical procedure. The general Woke drift of our society could change for good, away from mass hysteria, even quickly and dramatically; but one is prudent in weighing possible options to future events likely to transpire. One needs God’s mind and peace, relying on Him and not on our own understanding. With strong and confident faith, know that He knows and directs. Perhaps, as He directed St. Paul, you’ll serve His will in prison–so be it. Perhaps, as His angel lead St. Peter, you’ll be set free from prison–“abandonment to Divine Providence” (St. Louise De Monfort). “Trust and obey, for there’s no other way” (Hymn, Annon.).

Do we increasingly see national and global deterioration of speech and property rights, of religious and Second Amendment rights, of personal medical rights? Is government collaborating with the private sector, with business and religion, to curtail our freedoms and to threaten our jobs? If one answers ‘yes’ to these questions, and feels that these threats are serious, more likely than not to escalate, what measures might be called for? 1. Sell the house, scale down, and move to a Red state, perhaps one prohibiting vaccine mandates and anti-2A laws? 2. Maybe you’re called to stay behind in hostile territory to peacefully resist politically, spiritually, professionally, or socially, instead.

If you’re already over 50 and refuse the jab, you might soon find yourself in early retirement; so, look on the bright side. Perhaps the “great reset” will trip in one’s own life for the good. Parting with house and toys and with all that’s familiar seems scary; but imagine what could replace it: living in a caring and productive community, with others of like-mind who find themselves in similar circumstances to yours–“I’ll hunt, you fish, they’ll garden, and the others chop wood”. You all purchase land near one another and collaborate as good neighbors. And one gets out of paying into the abortion/euthanasia/sex-change “health” insurance racket in favor of opting into a communal insurance model. Change from the life you’ve known could be exciting, healthy, and meaningful.

Having supported the “Nazi” candidate in the last presidential election, you already carry the “domestic terrorist”, “fascist”, “racist”…titles, awarded you by popular culture, by big business, and by the current fake president’s administration. What respectability do you have to lose by following a “tune-in, turn-on, and drop-out” philosophy (minus the substance abuse, sexual perversions, and selfish narcissism, practiced by Hippies who coined the phrase)? Likely, hopefully, you’ve already fled from the censorious, propagandizing social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…). One who withdraws from our culture can still have positive social influence, but with prudence and strategy. Arguing with a mob at a “mostly peaceful protest”, you agree, is useless and dangerous. Debating with strangers, family, or friends, on social media or in a coffee shop, too, is often unproductive. Instead, let them see your healthy, sane, loving family and neighborhood, showing them what Catholic culture offers through Christ.

God might have a very different plan for you, though. Maybe enough Americans will stand against the World Economic Forum’s “Agenda 21” surveillance state tyranny, and you’ll keep your house and job. Maybe you’ll keep your house and simply get a new job, one that won’t require your following the CRT or the LGBTQ+ cults of fanaticism and indoctrination.

We can speculate about many possible options, but here are three things the believing, practicing Christian can count on–Jesus’ promises: 1. You will be hated and persecuted 2. Life will present many troubles 3. He will never leave or forsake you!

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