Employees Countering Daily Employer Propaganda

Given the daily Cultural Marxist propaganda big business is pedling on their employees through their Diversity-Equity-Inclusion agents, with made-up words and holidays and ideology, a blog is needed to counter their Orwellian, monolythic, inequitable, exclusive indoctrination. These intolerant group-think madhouses, that have lost site of their business missions regarding products and services, must be intellectually resisted by employees not wishing to conform their minds to the Woke Catechism.

Call to action: publish a blog for healthy-minded employees of corporations peddling Wokism. Each day, counter the absurdities promoted by a corporation the day prior. Be stealthy; don’t identify the business that practiced the given brainwashing seminar or fake-news email. Perhaps read your blog each day on a podcast, even interviewing a guest knowledgeable on the given subject.

If someone daily sips poison, it has a deadly cumulative effect. The happy-clappy daily indoctrination into Wokism that busy employees are having to endure is poisoning their minds. Given common daily activities and stresses, they need help in identifying and processing deceit. Do you have the heart, the intellectual tools, and the time to help them? Post such a blog–please. Leftist corporations, too happy to walk in step with our current leftist government, must have their re-education camps disrupted.

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