This comment, inspired by Church Militant’s “The Vortex”

While my wife and I are spiritually cared for beyond our merit or dreams, in our Grand Rapids parish and under our holy bishop, I'm outraged at much (most?) of the Catholic Church hierarchy. Polite silence is no longer an option. We are in intense spiritual warfare for the Church, our country, our families, our … Continue reading This comment, inspired by Church Militant’s “The Vortex”

Considerations in Purchasing a Bible

A large Bible requires one to look further to the top of the page. This, like too small a font, creates eye strain. For younger readers, this isn't an issue. A softcover Bible keeps shifting, requiring reading curved pages. Picky personal preference, perhaps. Whiter paper, without much bleed-through, gives greater contrast and less distraction. Some … Continue reading Considerations in Purchasing a Bible

Four Brothers’ Shipping Container Compound

Today over lunch, I sat down with four brothers living in Western Michigan, who were inspired by my brief article on shipping container communities of faith. While it seems they worship golf more than God, my article did get them thinking. Given the increasing social turmoil that they’ve noticed ever developing, for example the 63 … Continue reading Four Brothers’ Shipping Container Compound